With the reality TV series format already a huge success for such consumer-friendly industries as cooking, modeling and runway fashion, the shoe industry appears to be a logical next step. So is the reasoning behind Brentwood Communications International, Inc.’s (BCII) acquisition to the exclusive rights to develop and produce “Sole Perspective,” a reality TV competition series based around the influential and competitive world of the footwear industry.

The series, a concept co-created by Trae Smith, CEO of Bernardo Footwear, will bring together aspiring shoe designers to compete in weekly challenges in pursuit of a large cash prize and entry into the industry. “When I was first presented with the concept for ‘Sole Perspective,’ I was immediately intrigued,” notes Bud Brutsman, executive producer and CEO of BCII, which has produced programming for the Speed, Discovery and The Learning Channel networks. “This gives us the opportunity to take TV design competition to a whole new dramatic level, with new on-screen challenges in design and marketing never before attempted by other series.” Drawing from the design competition elements of shows like “Project Runway” and “America’s Next Top Model” as well as the corporate-driven challenges seen on “The Apprentice,” “Sole Perspective” will provide a rare, insider’sview of the process of footwear design.

Each episode will feature one of the industry’s leading footwear brands, whose head designer will deliver the challenge, mentor the contestants and also serve as a guest judge. Several top manufacturers and retailers are already onboard, BCII reports, and many others have expressed interest. “Over the past 10 years there has been intensified consumer interest in better footwear, undoubtedly helped by exposure from TV series like ‘Sex and the City,’” says Smith.

“‘Sole Perspective’ will not only rejuvenate this interest, it will foster a new awareness and appreciation for footwear, one that will add value in the eye of the consumer while benefiting the entire footwear industry.” . .

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