March may be the month for National Pi Day (March 14), International Earth Day (March 20) and even National Peanut Butter Lovers' Day (March 1), but for outdoor shoe brand Teva, the most important holiday comes on March 22--World Water Day.

To celebrate the 19th annual World Water Day, Teva kicked off its own challenge yesterday, encouraging the brand's fans to give up water in one area of their lives--whether it's going shower-free, cooking without water or skipping out on laundry (but wash your hands, please!)--for just a single day.

Consumers can surf over to Teva's Facebook page to share the ways in which they're taking on the World Water Day challenge. Fans are also encouraged to visit the Teva Collect blog to check out water-related facts and to share, post, tweet or pin a clean water info-graphic that offers simple tips for conserving water and making a positive impact on the environment. 

"Teva has a long-standing passion for clean water, the source of both life and our recreation," says Will Pennartz, Teva Lifestyle Marketing Manager. "It is our responsibility to help in the protection of these playgrounds for future generations. Through the World Water Day challenge, we hope we can inspire a larger community to join us as we raise awareness for clean water."

For fans who want to give an extra hand in the effort for clean water, they can join in on Teva's "Pair for a Foot" program, which protects one linear foot of shoreline for each pair of shoes sold throughout the year. The program, which is only in its second year, has already helped to protect 4.3 million feet in 2011, with plans to increase to 4.4 million feet by the end of the year.

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